Here at DinDinn
We are a team of individuals who agrees that; by no means, we are anywhere near one of the greatest teams in the world in terms of technical skills. However, all of us are confident that we are one of the most determined teams who is willing to face challenges, make necessary sacrifices, and adapt to changes. 
In the meantime...
We do hope that we can become one of the greatest teams in many aspects one day by working very hard and making the necessary effort to constantly only do things that make sense. Because of this very reason, we wish to invite individuals who share our values of constantly doing things that make sense, willing to face challenges, making necessary sacrifices, and adapting to changes.  
Demonstrate to both merchants and their customers that transaction receipts can be accessed using the mobile number because both the existing technology and customer behavior are ready for the transition.  
Gain access to resources and be capable of evaluating the global supply chain of food using primary data to effectively forecast and efficiently allocate food resources accordingly. Transform food into a function of utility such as water and electricity in developed nations.
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